Best CR123A Battery 2023

It’s no secret that the CR123A battery is one of the most popular batteries on the market. But what many people don’t know is that there are a lot of different CR123A batteries available, and not all of them are created equal. So how do you know which CR123A battery is the best?

Well, that’s where we come in. We’ve done the research and testing so you don’t have to, and we’re proud to present our list of the best CR123A batteries for 2023.

Best CR123A Battery 2023 Comparison Table

PhotoName Check PriceBrand Features 
LiCB CR2032 3V Lithium Battery
Check Price
LiCB • Long lasting
• High quality
• Lithium metal battery
• Versatile uses
CR2032 3V Lithium Battery
Check Price
Junpower • Premium quality
• Versatile uses
• High capacity
• Leak proof
CR2032 3V Lithium Battery
Check Price
Pgsonic • Premium quality
• Versatile uses
• Long lasting
• High capacity
• Leak proof
Energizer 2032 Batteries,
Check Price
Energizer • Versatile uses
• Long-lasting
• Durable
Amazon Basics 4 Pack CR2032
Check Price
Amazon basics • Versatile compatibility
• Leak proof
• Long lasting
Duracell CR2032 3V Lithium
Check Price
Duracell • Reliable power
• Durable
• Safe packaging
• Long lasting
Panasonic CR2032 3.0 Volt
Check Price
Panasonic • Reliable
• Child safe packaging
• Long lasting power
• Durable
Duracell DL2032B2 Battery
Check Price
Duracel • Durable
• Reliable
Energizer CR2032 3 Volt Lithium Coin Battery
Check Price
Energizer • Long lasting
• Durable
• Reliable
Allmax CR2032 Maximum Power Lithium Coin 3V Batteries
Check Price
Almax battery • Leakproof
• Long lasting
• Durable
• High performance

1) CR123A Lithium Batteries By VONIKO

Check Price

VONIKO’s CR123A Lithium batteries are fully rebuilt for longer life. This means your devices can run for long periods without battery changes. These batteries operate consistently for digital camera and medical equipment use.

Certified Safe

These batteries are UL and RoHS certified, demonstrating their safety and environmental responsibility. They function well at every temperature, so you can trust them in various settings without compromising safety.

Eco-friendly Option

The non-rechargeable VONIKO CR123A Lithium batteries eliminate the risk of overcharging or damage. They can’t be recharged, but their 10-year shelf life makes them excellent for long-term storage without performance degradation.

VONIKO CR123A Lithium batteries are a great choice for safety, long-lasting power, and environmental responsibility. Their updated technology, UL certification, RoHS compliance, and eco-friendly design make them stand out for numerous applications. Don’t skimp on gadget power. Performance and sustainability are different with VONIKO CR123A Lithium batteries. You can trust them for reliable power in any situation.

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2) 3V CR123A Lithium Batteries By Bevigor

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The highest energy density makes Bevigor’s CR123A lithium batteries perfect for high-performance electronics. You may use these batteries without replacing them because they last long. They power demanding equipment and popular applications reliably.

Devices with high power output

These batteries are powerful. They meet high-powered gadget needs with outstanding performance. Flashlights and high-drain digital cameras use Bevigor CR123A batteries.

High Capacity and Durability

Due to their capacity, these batteries last longer. They support your devices’ demands and performance. Avoid early battery changes and use uninterrupted.

Internal PTC Protection, RoHS Certified Bevigor’s RoHS certification demonstrates safety and environmental responsibility. These batteries are safer and perform better with PTC protection.

Extreme Temperature Performance

Winter and summer heat may be handled using Bevigor’s 3V CR123A batteries. Their special winding keeps them charged even in high temperatures, ensuring reliable performance when you need it.

For high energy density, long service life, high power output, and durability, Bevigor’s 3V CR123A Lithium batteries are excellent. Their dedication to performance, safety, and dependability makes them ideal for high-performance equipment. Bevigor CR123A Lithium batteries work better and provide piece of mind. In every weather, they provide reliable, powerful electricity.

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3) CR123A Lithium Batteries By Streamlight

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The big 12-pack of Streamlight CR123A Lithium Batteries ensures you always have extras. This plentiful supply ensures your torch, cameras, and other devices won’t run out of power when you need it.

Long-term storage

These batteries last 10 years when unused. You may store them knowing they’ll power your devices when needed. Give up battery worries and enjoy steady performance.

Power Source Flexibility

These batteries work with Streamlight flashlights, film and digital cameras, and other disposable lithium battery devices. Their versatility makes them useful in many applications.

Not rechargeable

Please note that these batteries are non-rechargeable. They are meant for single-use yet function well and last long. Remember this when buying to ensure they meet your device’s power needs.


Streamlight CR123A Lithium Batteries are a great power source for your Streamlight torch and other gadgets. Their vast supply, long storage life, and adaptability make them useful in many applications. Experience the difference in performance and convenience with Streamlight CR123A Lithium Batteries. They deliver steady power whenever you need it.

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4) 6-Pack Lithium CR123A Battery By Amazon Basics

Check Price

AmazonBasics CR123A Batteries have a fantastic 10-year lifespan. You may confidently stock up on these batteries because they’ll power your devices after long storage.

High-drain device capacity

Their 1,550mAh capacity distinguishes these batteries. They are ideal for flashlights and night-vision goggles due to their huge capacity. Because these batteries provide reliable power, your devices will perform at their best.

Improved Design for Top Performance

AmazonBasics CR123A Batteries perform better in demanding situations due to their upgraded design. These batteries perform well in the outdoors and night vision.


The AmazonBasics 6-pack is the finest CR123A battery for high-drain devices because to its superior shelf life, capacity, and design. Their durability and performance make them a top choice for many applications. Experience the difference in performance and reliability with AmazonBasics CR123A Batteries. You can count on them for steady power whenever and wherever you need it.

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5) 123 Batteries By Energizer

Check Price

Energizer 123 lithium batteries fuel modern tech. Flash units, digital cameras, and camcorders function smoothly with these batteries.

“Reliably Ready” 10-Year Shelf Life

The 10-year shelf life makes these batteries “reliably ready”. You can keep them confidently because they’ll power your devices after extensive storage. Enjoy consistent performance without expired batteries.

Keep plenty on hand with the 6-pack of Energizer 123 Lithium batteries. This richness gives you power when needed.

Depend on Quality

Quality batteries come from Energizer. Energizer 123 Lithium batteries meet quality standards.


Energizer 123 Lithium batteries provide long-lasting performance, durability, and brand trust. Many applications benefit from their 6-pack convenience, 10-year shelf life, and high-tech device power. Energizer 123 Lithium batteries perform better and provide peace of mind. When needed, they provide constant electricity.

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6) CR123A Lithium Batteries By Streamlight

Check Price

High-quality materials make Streamlight 3 Volt Non-Rechargeable Lithium Cells trustworthy. These batteries work well for outdoor illumination and digital photography.

10-Year Shelf Life

Their 10-year shelf life makes these batteries stand out. This lets you stock up knowing they’ll power your devices after long storage periods. Forget about expired batteries and enjoy reliable performance.

Great for Camping Lights and More

Camping lights and other equipment that needs constant power benefit from these batteries. You need reliable power in the woods or when using outdoor gear. Streamlight Lithium Batteries perform when you need it most.


Streamlight 3 Volt Non-Rechargeable Lithium Cells are a great power source for flashlights, digital cameras, camping lights, and other devices. Their quality materials, 10-year shelf life, and steady power make them useful in many applications. Experience the difference in performance and peace of mind with Streamlight Lithium Batteries. They supply steady electricity whenever and wherever you need it.

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Best CR123A Battery 2023 Buying Guide

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What Is A CR123A Battery?

A CR123A battery is a lithium ion battery that is typically used in high-powered flashlights and cameras. The “CR” in the name stands for “carbon-zinc”, while the “123” refers to the size (in millimeters) of the battery. The “A” at the end of the name indicates that the battery is an alkaline version of the CR123 battery.

CR123A batteries are known for their high energy density and long shelf life, making them ideal for use in devices that require frequent or extended use. Additionally, CR123A batteries are not subject to memory effect, meaning they can be recharged without reduced capacity.

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Who Needs A CR123A Battery?

People that want a strong and long-lasting battery for their equipment prefer CR123A batteries. High-drain gadgets like digital cameras, spotlights, and laser pointers typically use them.

Why Should You Buy A CR123A Battery?

CR123A batteries are often used in high-powered flashlights, as well as in various medical devices and cameras. While there are many different types and sizes of batteries on the market, the CR123A battery offers a unique combination of portability, power, and safety that makes it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

Here are just a few reasons why you might want to consider investing in a CR123A battery:

1. They’re powerful

One of the main reasons why people choose CR123A batteries is because they pack a lot of power into a small package. These batteries can typically provide up to 3 volts of power, making them ideal for high-powered devices such as flashlights.

2. They’re safe

CR123A batteries are also known for being very safe to use. This is because they don’t contain any harmful chemicals, such as lead or mercury. Additionally, these batteries are designed to not overheat, making them a safer choice than some other types of batteries on the market.

3. They’re portable

Another great thing about CR123A batteries is that they’re very easy to take with you on the go. These batteries are small and lightweight, making them perfect for devices that need to be portable. Additionally, CR123A batteries typically have a long shelf life, so you can keep them stored away for emergencies.

4. They’re affordable

Despite their many benefits, CR123A batteries are actually very affordable. This makes them a great option for people who need to use high-powered devices but don’t want to spend a lot of money on batteries.

How Is A CR123A Battery Made?

A CR123A battery is made up of two different types of material, a cathode and an anode. The cathode is the negative end of the battery while the anode is the positive end. The cathode is made up of lithium while the anode is made up of carbon. In between these two materials, there is a electrolyte which allows for ions to flow between the two materials.

As the battery discharges, electrons flow from the anode to the cathode through the electrolyte and this causes a chemical reaction which creates heat and light. When the battery is recharged, the process is reversed and electrons flow from the cathode to the anode. This reverses the chemical reaction and charges the battery.

The overall process of how a CR123A battery is made is actually quite simple. However, the materials that go into making the battery are what make it so powerful and compact. The lithium in the cathode and the carbon in the anode work together to create a very strong bond which makes for a very efficient battery.

Different Types Of CR123A Battery

There are numerous types of CR123A batteries available on the market. Some of the most popular include:

1. Lithium-ion CR123A battery

These batteries are some of the most powerful and long-lasting CR123A batteries available. They’re also rechargeable, making them a great option for those who want to save money in the long run.

2. Alkaline CR123A battery

Alkaline batteries are also quite powerful and have a longer lifespan than lithium-ion batteries. However, they’re not rechargeable, so you’ll need to purchase new ones more often.

3. Carbon-zinc CR123A battery

Carbon-zinc batteries are the most common type of CR123A battery. They’re not as powerful as lithium-ion or alkaline batteries, but they’re more affordable and still offer a decent lifespan.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A CR123A Battery

When it comes to choosing a CR123A battery, there are several factors you need to consider before making your purchase. Here are some of the most important factors to keep in mind when shopping for a CR123A battery:

1. Battery Capacity

The capacity or power output of a CR123A battery is one of the most significant aspects to consider when purchasing one. A CR123A battery’s capacity is commonly expressed in milliamp hours (mAh). A battery with a larger mAh capacity can store more energy and last longer before needing to be recharged. If you expect to use your flashlight or other electrical gadget regularly, a battery with a greater mAh capacity is recommended.

2. Battery Voltage

Another important factor to consider when choosing a CR123A battery is the voltage. The voltage of a CR123A battery is typically 3 volts. However, some batteries may have a higher or lower voltage. It’s important to choose a battery with the correct voltage for your flashlight or other electronic device. Using a battery with too high or too low of a voltage can damage your device.

3. Battery Size

The size of the CR123A battery is also an important consideration. Some devices require a specific size battery, so be sure to check what size battery your device requires before making your purchase. In general, CR123A batteries are about the same size as AA batteries.

4. Shelf Life

When choosing a CR123A battery, you’ll also want to consider the shelf life of the battery. The shelf life is the amount of time that the battery can be stored without being used. Lithium CR123A batteries typically have a longer shelf life than non-rechargeable batteries.

5. Price

Of course, price is also an important consideration when choosing a CR123A battery. Lithium batteries are more expensive than non-rechargeable batteries, but they typically last longer and can be recharged more times. If you plan on using your flashlight or other electronic device frequently, you may want to choose a lithium CR123A battery despite the higher price tag.

6. Warranty

You’ll also want to consider the warranty when choosing a CR123A battery. Many manufacturers offer warranties on their batteries. Be sure to check the terms of the warranty before making your purchase.

7.Return Policy

Most stores that sell CR123A batteries will have a return policy in place in case you’re not satisfied with the product. Be sure to check the return policy before making your purchase.

How To Clean A CR123A Battery?

CR123A batteries are used in a variety of devices, from flashlight to cameras. They are also popular for use in high-drain devices such as digital SLR cameras. While CR123A batteries have a long shelf life, they can eventually leak and cause damage to your device. If you notice your CR123A battery is leaking, it is important to clean the area around the leak immediately.

  1. Put on gloves and safety glasses to protect yourself from the battery acid.
  2. Use a cotton swab or cloth to gently clean the area around the leak with distilled water.
  3. Apply a small amount of baking soda to neutralize the battery acid.
  4. Wipe the area clean with a dry cloth.
  5. Dispose of the used battery properly. Do not throw it in the trash.

It is also important to regularly inspect your CR123A batteries for leaks or damage. If you notice any problems, replace the battery immediately.

How To Maintain A CR123A Battery?

When it comes to maintaining a CR123A battery, there are a few things that you need to do in order to keep it working properly. First of all, you need to make sure that you keep the battery clean. This means that you should clean the terminals and the connectors on a regular basis. You can use a cotton swab or a soft cloth to wipe down the battery.

Another thing that you need to do in order to maintain your CR123A battery is to charge it on a regular basis. You should charge the battery at least once every three months. If you do not charge the battery regularly, it will eventually die.

In addition to charging the battery, you also need to discharge it on a regular basis. This can be done by using a battery charger that has a discharge feature. You should discharge the battery at least once every three months as well.

Finally, you need to store the battery in a cool, dry place. This will help to prolong the life of the battery. If you store the battery in a hot environment, it will shorten the life of the battery.

By following these simple tips, you can extend the life of your CR123A battery and keep it working properly for a long time to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should You Get A CR123A Battery?

High-drain equipment like digital cameras, flashlights, and several medical devices benefit from CR123A batteries. They also have a far longer shelf life than AA or AAA batteries, making them ideal for emergency kits and other circumstances in which stored power is required.

How Long Do CR123A Batteries Last?

CR123A batteries can last anywhere from two to ten years, depending on the brand and quality of the battery. Some brands may advertise a longer lifespan, but it’s always best to err on the side of caution and replace them every few years to be safe.

Is It Worth It To Buy CR123A Batteries?

CR123A batteries are definitely worth the investment, especially if you use them frequently. They tend to last longer than other types of batteries, so you’ll save money in the long run. Plus, they’re less likely to leak and damage your devices.

Do CR123A Batteries expire?

CR123A batteries don’t have a specific expiration date, but it’s generally recommended that you replace them every two to three years. This will ensure that they continue to work properly and don’t leak or damage your devices.

What is the Shelf Life of CR123A Batteries?

CR123A batteries typically have a shelf life of three to five years. However, this can vary depending on the brand and type of battery. It’s always best to check the manufacturer’s guidelines to be sure.

Can I Use CR123A Batteries In My Smoke Detector?

Yes, CR123A batteries can be used in smoke detectors. However, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s instructions first to be sure. Some detectors may require a specific type of battery, so it’s always best to double-check before you replace the batteries.

Final Thoughts

CR123A batteries are a great option for those who need a powerful and reliable battery. With so many different brands and models available, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Hopefully, this list of the best CR123A batteries in 2023 has helped you narrow down your choices and find the perfect battery for your needs. Thank you for reading!


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